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Work-life Balance Coach

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I help successful entrepreneurs and career women, embrace their success while they prioritize themselves and maintain meaningful relationships.

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"To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid."


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I had been struggling with childhood issues and was carrying the baggage. I consulted a very famous high-profile psychotherapist who is a big name but surprisingly it helped me nothing! I had four sessions with her and I reached no where.
I then found sister Janet and had a few sessions with her. With only the first session, I was actually able to reach the depths of my personality.
With a few more sessions, I could actually go to the root cause and could understand so much more and was able to shackle free myself a great deal.
She could even give more time than the assigned time to assure her client that they understood everything.
I strongly recommend sister Janet. Her friendly approach and soothing voice is another big plus. Her coaching programme and the methodology is professional and thorough. She has been God sent to me.

F. Asad

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