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Find your inner joy in what you do!

Have you worked your way to a certain level of success but feel any of the following?

  • You feel stuck.

  • You lack motivation and no will to work.

  • You lack the energy to engage in community activities.

  • You lack meaningful relationships.

  • Your job is no longer challenging enough.

  • You are constantly tired.

  • Your work environment is so stale but you cannot change it.

  • Nothing is enjoyable.

8- Steps To Strut Into Your Purpose.: Services

8- Steps To Strut Into Your Purpose!

One-to-one coaching for you to reconnect with your purpose, regain confidence and create success doing what you love!

8- Steps To Strut Into Your Purpose.: Welcome

An 8 Week Coaching Program

Content Topics

1. Your Values

We shall do a deep dive into who you are being right now, versus the values you want to live. This is the start of your goal planning and clarity about what you want to achieve by the end of the 8 weeks and in life going forward.

2. Your Beliefs

Our thoughts create our actions so your thoughts are the reasons you are where you are today. We shall look at your beliefs about yourself and about living your values and what you desire.  I'll teach you how to create beliefs for success.

3. Indecision Injustice

One of the reasons we do not create what we want in life is because we think we don't know, we think we have too much to choose from or we think we have to make the perfect decision. I'll teach you how to overcome your fears in choosing the life you desire.

4. Waking Up Your Superpowers

Whether you know your strengths or what you are good at, or you don't, I'll teach you how to capitalize on your strengths so you can confidently decide what you want to focus on in creating your purpose and passion. This is where you see your superpowers come alive.

5. Feelings

We cannot do belief and not consider feelings. All our thoughts create our feelings. In order to take massive action, you will need to know how to generate the feelings that will enable you to take action towards your goals.

6. The Bullseye Superpower

This is where we get to celebrate your newfound passion and purpose. By this time you will have confidence in what you truly want to do so as to bring fulfillment to your life. You might find that you have several interests, but we can only start with one at a time.

7. Fun Massive Action

Passion and purpose are not good without action. You will be taught and coached on commitment, proactivation and the process of accomplishing a goal.

8. Strategies In: Obstacles Out

There's always a need to plan for any obstacles that will get in your way to achieve your goals and create the life that you desire. I will help you create strategies and a plan for your desired outcome.

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