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How To Find Your Next Level Of Success.

"I am successful but I want to move to the next level and I don't know what that next level is.” A client said this to me.

And I said the same thing to myself five years ago.

My client got a promotion and she thought that her life should be all celebration from there-on. But the reality is she is still unfulfilled.

Here's the problem. She looked at the promotion as a destination. You know! "If I get this promotion then life will be great, I'll have more money, I'll be leading a team therefore I'll be happier."

Let me tell you something, my friend. When you think that you’ll be happier when you get that job or that promotion or when you buy that house or that car, you may never experience the happiness you are waiting for.

You will reject what you have because you want something else. That something is in the future. You postpone your desire to be happy.

What if you decided that you can create the happiness you want right now with what you have? And when that new achievement you desire shows up, it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

And I am not saying do not plan for the future. By all means, do. But that future will be more exciting when you know how to make the most of the present.

So here’s what we did with my client and feel free to borrow the same formula. I promise you it works.

1. First, establish your values, what is important to you in your career, relationship, health, wealth in order to feel accomplished and fulfilled. Without this, you will have no direction.

2. Second, you want to define what success looks like at that “so-called destination.” In other words, what do you want to see 1, 3, or 5 years from now? How would you know you have achieved that fulfillment? Define success on your own terms.

3. Lastly, determine your current gaps. Which values are you fulfilling right now with the success you have achieved and which ones are not being fulfilled? This is where the work lies. And in fact, the journey to your destination is made simpler once you know exactly what you are looking for.

For my client, she’ll gain confidence in knowing exactly what that “next level” of success looks like. And here’s how she wins.

One: If she chooses to stay, she'll learn how to make the most of the success she has achieved so far. Therefore it'll be easier for her to attract a promotion or a new direction within the organization depending on the growth she desires.

Two: If she decides to move on, she'll do it from a place of confidence knowing exactly what that next level of success looks like outside of her current role. She will have a plan on how to create it.

Tony Robbins says, "there is a powerful driving force inside of every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.

So go on and use the same formula to unlock that driving force for you. Do not hold back. If you need clarity, please feel free to DM me.

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If you are ready for a free consultation click here to schedule your appointment.

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