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Love and Work.

When you do not feel supported in a dual-income household?

Often times when I am in a workshop or a talk, it is not uncommon for participants to switch from anything work-related to talking about their marital woes, or ex-relationship challenges.

Here are some examples.

1. A young lady is stressed over her husband’s demands to be a superwoman at home. He comes home relaxes and does nothing. It is only when a child is crying close to the TV that he’ll engage. She’s doing everything at home and bursting in her head like “wait a minute I work too”!!!!

2. Another lady complains about her dead-beat baby daddy whose only role was to donate the little parasites that made the baby. It is 12 years now and mommy is exhausted from carrying all obligations alone (p.s. I come across many of these nowadays, what’s in the water??!?!?).

3. Another one is at the door. There have been many disappointments in the relationship. She can’t decide whether she’s in or out. The indecision feels like a heavy boulder weighing down on her shoulders.

Difficulty in relationships is a pain. It is very hard to concentrate at work when you’re hurting.

Especially when you have tried several things to create mutual respect, to find peace and harmony.

And to nurse the wounds you indulge in working too hard, or working out too hard, or finding comfort in alcohol, food, and extra-marital affairs.

Now here’s the deal. No human is perfect. Relationships fail because two broken human beings get together hoping for an unbreakable union. Absurd!

But lessons are learned in all experiences and here’s what I want to offer so you can move forward.

Take the your partner's demands out of the equation and ask yourself “WHAT DO I WANT?" Yes, you. What is it that you want that makes relationships worthwhile? Do you even want a relationship? The answer lies within you and not your partner.

Once you gain clarity on what you want you'll be able to make a decision that works for you and everyone involved. So stop dragging the pain.

Otherwise, the frustration will keep you in a constant cycle of on-and-off fights. And in the long run, it is going to affect how you show up at work…employed or self-employed.

It takes courage to get into one, to work at it, or even get out of it. If you need #clarity, click the link below to access my free 3- Step Guide to Work and Relationship Success.



P.S. If you would like to gain clarity on your work and relationship values so you can create success on your own terms then click here for the free guide.

P.P.S If you would like to reconnect with your purpose so you can enjoy what you do or up-level your business success, then sign up here for my 8-Steps to Strut Into Your Purpose program.

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