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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

How I Took My Power Back With Every Decision

My life's journey has been a rather exciting one. Okay, it is exciting looking at it from the future. Looking back, if I had to do a rerun I probably would erase some of it. Although what I have learned about the human experience is that everything happens exactly as it is supposed to. No kidding.

In life's lessons, some moments were exciting. Some moments were scary and fun. Some were just outright scary and scary!! And yet I appreciate the scary moments as they gave me a chance to grow.

It has been and continues to be an interesting journey, and especially in learning to take control of my decisions.

Some days I did not like myself. But I soldiered on knowing exactly that the direction I am taking will give me the fulfillment I desired.

Each tough decision I have made was well worth it. Whether good or bad depending on the lens through which you see the world. It was a growth experience.


"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"Neale Donald Walsch


This is the basis for my coaching program "Take Your Power Back With Making That Decision".

My journey in brief....

1997 - I got my first job at First National Bank of Maryland (now M & T Bank) right after graduation from Howard University.

2004 - Walked away from the money, to stay at home with my newborn. A very conscious decision I do not regret at all.

2006 - Along with two partners, started and grew NFT Consult LTD, the largest and most successful recruiting agency in East Africa, with 6 offices in Africa.

2016 - Walked away from the money to rediscover my passion.

As well as spend more time at home with my children, who were ages 12, 6, 5.5. and 3. I felt almost ostracized for this decision. Many did not like it. It was tough for me too but I like my decision regardless.

2017 - Feeling idle and avoiding disorderliness, I committed to spending time learning my religion. I spent 2 hrs a day at a women's and girl's school for Islam, Al-Huda Girls School. Walked away more spiritually inspired with my certification in January 2020.

2018 - Found my passion in life and business coaching, started my company Unconscious Brilliance by Janet Nambi during my first certification at Healing With Hind Academy.

2019 - Got certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and MER (Mental and Emotional Release) at Healing With Hind Academy

2020 - Fell in love with The Life Coach School model and got my second certification in Life, Business, Weight Loss, and Overdrinking.

I have faced many challenges while pivoting my life's direction. I felt all kinds of mixed emotions. Sadness, fear, anxiety, worry, and sometimes joy and excitement only when I managed to focus on that goal that I wanted to achieve.

When we choose to leave behind that which does not serve our lives any longer we struggle. We struggle because it was normal to have it as part of us. But the best and most rewarding struggle is that which is done with conviction.

We are challenged by people who mean well and do not want to see us in any struggle. Even when their words are brutal! Sometimes we struggle to make them understand. We struggle to get them to see our reality. And sometimes we hear what they are saying and we want to listen. Then it creates conflict and uncertainty in our decision.

And yet the biggest challenge of all is our brain. Whatever thoughts we have in our brain, it is trying to protect us. Our brain will want us to stay safe. So it creates fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, conflict, confusion and sadness. We say to oursleves I can't be bothered so we push off the decision.

When we learn to manage our mind, we soar to heights that we have possibly imagined, but never believed we could ever get there.

It is for this reason that I help women face their fears so they can explore the unknown in the next phase of their lives. That next phase is possible.

The techniques you learn while working with me, you will be able to apply to any area of your life. These techniques will teach you how to manage your thoughts into taking action while managing all those mixed emotions that come along. This is natural. And you'll learn how to manage all those around you without damaging any relationships. This is why I am here.

Check out my coaching program here or book a one-to-one free mini session here to see how I can help you release and finally move forward with your life.

When that high heel you wore to the wedding gets uncomfortable, you leave it on for the fashion statement. Try on uncomfortable in pursuing your dreams.

Re-write Your Life Story! You got this!

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elizabeth lumu
elizabeth lumu

This is very inspirational. There's nothing that holds us back from reaching our potential and walking away from what we think is our comfort zone FEAR

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