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Women Over 40 | Employee by Day and CEO by Night

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

I don't know who needs to hear this but if you are an employee by day and CEO by night, let me ask you a question: how's the hustle coming along?

It is so common to find someone doubling and honestly more power to those who can pull it off.

Of course, if you are starting a business while still employed it may be necessary to hang on there.

Although I wonder if it's more common in African countries than the US or Europe. In fact in some countries like Uganda, it is almost cultural to have a side hustle.

In 2002, I was 5-yrs an employee of what is now M&T Bank when I started my own small business too. It was a money transfer service across countries. Hey, we were just trying to find a way out of the exorbitant wire transfer fees of the monopolies of the 90s. A girl was just trying to get by!! Actually, I think if I had stuck it out I'd probably be the proprietor of African Vending Systems.

I always felt that I was an entrepreneur at heart. I guess dad did well as a mentor!

In fact, I look back now and say "yes the hustle was worth it."

✓I was 28!

✓I wasn't married!

✓I had no children!

✓I had all the time in the world to explore!

Although I want to ask, if you are over 40, with a side hustle, a full-time job, and married with children, what is your goal?

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with it. Sometimes two hustles are more profitable than one anyways.

With the increasing demands in lifestyles, the world makes it seem like the hustle-culture is normal.

In fact, the adrenalin rush and busyness becomes second nature!

Whereas it is good, how is it doing for your physical and mental wellbeing, relationships, and success?

Is it worth the hustle?!

If you are thinking you need the money, I want you to consider this;-

✅ What if the money you have is enough?

✅ What if you do not NEED the side hustle or the job?

✅ What if your family likes you better with either one, not both?

If it is causing you to lose out on the finer moments in life perhaps you ought to reconsider.

You can still create the life that you want by simply shifting your focus to what's brings you meaning and fulfillment. Maybe the side hustle is inevitable, but it doesn't have to cause you stress.

You can do work the stress away!

Realign your values!

p.s. I help high-achieving women have it all while creating a balance between their work and personal lives, so that they can make time to do the things they enjoy.

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