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12-Week Burnout Breakthrough Coaching Program

Reclaim Your Energy, Purpose and Joy in Your Career and Life.

Your job is great but your life is not. Your job is not great and your life isn't either. You are thinking something has to give. Life shouldn't be this way. You have probably tried vacations, self-care routines, or even spiritual awakenings but the disconnect and emptiness inside is too overwhelming to ignore!

  • Are you a woman in management, a new or seasoned leader or an entrepreneur who is feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and disconnected from your work and life?

  • Do you feel like you're constantly putting out fires and struggling to keep up with the demands of your job and personal responsibilities?

  • Are you experiencing symptoms of burnout, such as chronic stress, irritability, insomnia, or physical exhaustion?

  • Has your work situation affected your relationships?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're not alone. Many high-achieving women face immense pressure to perform at a high level while also balancing multiple roles and expectations. But burnout is not a badge of honor, and it can have serious consequences for your health, well-being, and career.


Download this free survey to find out where you fall on the burnout scale!

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WHO recognizes burnout and qualifies that three conditions must be present in order to feel burnout;

  1. Emotional Exhaustion.

  2. Increased Negative Feelings About Work.

  3. Feeling Incompetent and Inefficient.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you are most likely experiencing burnout. And you can ascertain that by booking a consultation call with me right here!

What Burnout Looks Like

Here are some experiences that are symptoms of burnout!

  • You are a leader in your organization. Your team looks up to you. You have to cut benefits or terminate well-meaning employees. You do not want to disappoint your team.

  • You have worked your tail off to get where you are but you do not feel like your efforts are recognized by the key stakeholders.

  • You want to leave your job but you are not sure what to do next. The thought of stepping into the unknown scares you.​

  • You have a business that you started with the desire to create more money and freedom in your life. But you are constantly tired and stressed and you feel somewhat disconnected from your passion. The thought of selling has crossed your mind but you are conflicted over what's best for you and your family.

  • Your spouse is an excellent father but you have challenges in your marriage. Your marriage looks perfect on the outside. But you cry yourself to sleep every night. The thought of leaving has crossed your mind. You are afraid of what people will say. You are afraid of what might feel like failure. You feel the pain for your children too.​

  • You are very busy at work and with your family. You also volunteer in your community. Making a contribution to your community is important to you. But you are stretched and resent the time you are spending on some activities.

  • You are fed up with being fed up, life is just not happening the way you hoped.

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What You Will Achieve

  • Identify the root causes of your burnout and develop a holistic plan to address them

  • Reconnect with your values, purpose, and strengths as a leader and woman

  • Build resilience and self-care practices to protect your energy and manage stress

  • Create boundaries and priorities that align with your goals and vision

  • Enhance your communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills to improve your relationships and performance

  • Design a sustainable and fulfilling career and life that honors your unique needs and aspirations


What I Will Do For You

As your coach, I will provide you with a safe and supportive space to explore your challenges, aspirations, and insights. I will listen deeply, ask powerful questions, offer feedback and resources, and hold you accountable to your goals and commitments. I will also bring my experience in positive psychology, leadership, and wellness to help you navigate your burnout journey with compassion, clarity, and confidence.


The Engagement

The Burnout Breakthrough coaching program includes:

  • 12 one-on-one coaching sessions (60 minutes each) via Zoom

  • Personalized assessments, tools, and resources to support your growth and learning

  • Email support between sessions to answer questions, provide feedback, and celebrate wins

  • Access to my network of experts, mentors, and resources to accelerate your progress and expand your horizons

I Have Been There Too!

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I may appear as though I have always had what it takes to simply get up one day and decide. That is not the case. Some decisions have been very difficult for me. I spent a year wallowing in indecision. I have been there and it is the most uncomfortable feeling!! The fear, guilt, shame, and anxiety keep you stuck.

Here are some decisions I have made...

  • I co-owned a successful business for 10 years.

  • Worked my butt off to live the lifestyle I dreamed of and I did. To a certain extent.

  • In addition to work, I had 3 babies in those 10 years.

  • Juggling multiple roles as an entrepreneur, mother, wife, and many others left me so exhausted I could hardly sleep even when I needed it most.

  • I was making good money but I felt disconnected from my work and family.

  • I was successful, or so I thought until I realized the joy, energy, and purpose had been lost around the 9th year.

  • I sought spiritual healing to fill the emptiness inside. It gave me an anchor, but I needed practical tools to heal.

  • The things that I did that used to bring me joy no longer mattered.

  • I walked away from the business with no other plans except to spend time with my family, but I found it very difficult to reconnect with the most important people in my life.

  • It took me two years' worth of self-discovery to regain my energy, bring joy back into my life, and reconnect with my purpose.

  • The sacrifices have all been worth it and that is why I am here to help you.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and at the exact time, it is meant to happen. The journey to get here has been transformative, sometimes hard to sustain but it has all been worth it. I wish the same for you. With less pain!

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