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How To Love Your Current Job Before You Leave It

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

In my earlier post, Why You Do Not Enjoy Your Job I shared how I created boredom for myself at my job. Boredom is a thought. It is something that we do not have to choose. We have so many options in how we choose to utilize our time. We simply have to pick one. If you really think about it, the opposite of boredom could easily be 'creativity'.

Even in your own business, that you started with a whole lot of enthusiasm, you might find yourself struggling to find the energy to have highly productive days.

Or you may be in your dream job and making good money. You might be getting the promotions and all the praise and projects that would propel you to be the most sought after employee, in that role. Even after all that you may still find yourself with very low energy for work.

You are not excited to get to work every day.

You dread the tasks on your desk.

You appreciate your job but you are afraid that if you complain you'll be looked at as the

unappreciative one.

Especially by people around you who are constantly praising you for your achievements or those that look up to you.

Perhaps you are experiencing symptoms of burnout such as irritability, a lack of focus, missing deadlines, forgetfulness, low productivity levels. A general lack of zeal for the goals you set out to achieve in your dream job or business. Where you were enthusiastic about taking on projects, you are now avoiding them and claiming that you have enough on your desk already.

This happens more frequently than we think. Clients ask me how they got to that point where they dread going to work. It sucks, doesn't it!

If you wake up every day thinking "how much longer should I take this", here's what I suggest you do:

1. Think of It As An Opportunity For Growth

Instead of blaming your boss, or the boring client engagements, or the lack of exciting products or services in your business, or the mundane tasks at your desk, try to look at it differently. How about asking yourself questions that can fuel your energy.

For example, how can I turn this into something exciting?

In her podcast, "Why Loving Your Job Matters" Kori Linn calls this a skill. In learning to love that job or the mundane tasks in your business, you develop a skill that you can use elsewhere.

2. Be Clear On Your Why

Consider boredom as feedback. Perhaps you're not very clear on your purpose, direction, or what you want to achieve out of the job. The most valuable decision you can ever make for your productive years is to determine why you are doing what you are doing. Whether you are employed or a business owner. I have seen business owners start their business because there's plenty of opportunity in it at that moment. Then they later drench in dread even after making the money they desired. I have also seen employees take up jobs for the pay. When your job or business is not aligned with your values or goals, you'll soon be dreading your days at work.

3. Take Time To Celebrate The Small Accomplishments

When you challenge yourself to develop that skill of loving a job you do not like, do not forget to celebrate the small wins. This will give you the energy to get back to that job and do what you need to do even when you do not like it. Looking out for accomplishments creates more energy to thrive. Look for opportunities to recreate that feeling every time you celebrate. As you can tell, I am fairly new to blogging. One task that I wouldn't mind outsourcing at all.

And yet, every time I publish a blog it is cause for celebration. It doesn't matter how good everyone else thinks it is. Once my goal is accomplished I am certain at least one person out there will find it useful.

Look towards creativity. Challenge yourself to another level of growth. Perhaps the dislike for your job is the feedback that you need to work on your creativity.

I co-run a successful business for 10 years that earned me a six figure salary. I loved the work I did, but there were many tasks I did not enjoy. I had to find ways of accomplishing them even though I disliked them. Sometimes I had to be creative in order to enjoy these tasks. Sometimes I scheduled them first on my calendar so I can get them out of the way. I am on my second business now as a life coach. As I reflect on my earlier success I can dial back to those moments in my prior business where I had to be creative about what I did not enjoy. I know what it takes!

Contact me here if you find yourself overwhelmed, burnt-out, anxious, frustrated, and bored. I have the tools that will help you through to find your joy.

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