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When Is It The Right Time For Coaching?

"I definitely want the coaching but I need to fix some things before I can start."

I hear this at almost every consultation

If you live your life in overwhelm, with no time for fun or family, you do not sleep well enough, you are constantly anxious, stressed and on the go, go, go…. Hear me out!!

Hey there, overwhelmed soul! I totally get it. Life can sometimes feel like a whirlwind of chaos, leaving us with little time to relax, connect with loved ones, or even catch some quality sleep. It's like a never-ending marathon, and the stress and anxiety can be suffocating.

Now, here's the twist: instead of telling you to jump on the coaching bandwagon, I'm here to lighten things up a bit.

Picture this: you're juggling a bunch of flaming torches, trying to keep them all in the air while running at top speed. It's a circus act gone wrong, and you're the star performer desperately seeking an exit strategy.

But fear not, because coaching can be your secret weapon—yes, seriously! Imagine having a seasoned expert by your side, guiding you through the madness and helping you uncover that elusive clarity and focus.

Coaching can be a great way to find clarity, focus, and direction when all seems impossible!! This is how you want to think of coaching;

  1. Your Personal Oasis Amidst the Chaos. It's a designated time and space where you can pour your heart out, with no judgment, and no holds barred. Vent about your struggles, fears, and frustrations, and together, you and your coach will figure out how to break free from the 'overwhelm' shackles.

  2. Your Bigger Picture & Focus Screen. In these coaching sessions, you'll get a chance to hit the pause button, escape the daily grind, and embark on a journey of self-reflection. It's like taking a vacation for your mind, where you can kick back, relax, and strategize your way to a better future.

  3. Your Personal GPS that Guides You Towards Success. The best part? You'll emerge from each session with a newfound clarity on your goals and dreams, armed with a practical action plan tailor-made just for you. It's like having your own personal GPS that guides you toward success, while still considering your unique values, aspirations, and, of course, your hectic schedule.

  4. Building a Fortress of Resilience. Now, I won't promise you rainbows and unicorns, but coaching is an investment in yourself. It's a chance to acquire skills that will not only help you navigate the present overwhelm but also equip you with the resilience and tools to tackle future challenges. It's like building a fortress of well-being and badassery, one coaching session at a time.

Finding the time for coaching when you’re already feeling overwhelmed may seem daunting.

So, my friend, don't let overwhelm hold you back. Embrace the opportunity to invest in yourself, break free from the chaos, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Coaching may just be the key that unlocks the door to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

And hey, remember to keep your sense of humor intact along the way. Laughter truly is the best medicine, even when life feels like a never-ending sitcom. You got this! Ladies if you would like to have conversations about your life’s challenges in a more intimate space please join us in my Facebook group here so you do not miss out on the good stuff!


Hey there, Janet Nambi here, your burnout prevention coach. I help mid-career women re-ignite their energy, enthusiasm, and confidence in their professional pursuits.

I am a recovering workaholic who suffered burnout and left a thriving business to start all over again. You do not have to do it alone. If you would like to work with me click here to schedule your free call to peace of mind.

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