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How To Avoid Feeling Frustrated, Miserable, and Exhausted At Work.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Before I get into how you can help yourself out of burnout, I want to share the option that many are afraid of. And for the right reasons. You might find it useful or you may choose to completely avoid it.

It is about the main character Julian Mantle in “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma.

If you haven’t read the book I highly recommend it.

The character, Julian Mantle, is some crazy guy who sold everything he owned and moved across the world to the Himalayas looking for meaning, fulfillment, and peace of mind.

When I first read the book almost 10 years ago, I marveled at how gutsy he was to leave his very flashy and cushy lifestyle, to go camp with the monks in the Himalayas, and choose to survive on the bare minimum. They probably ate leaves, right!!

But we could argue that he was a very shrewd and successful lawyer, he was full of guts already!

He was also making lots of money which meant he could afford that kind of time off.

But that’s beside point.

What I want to bring to your attention is what drove him to make such a drastic decision. Something he and I have in common.

In his words, Julian Mantle said “I was tired of living my life like a long-aired drill” (Google it, I did).

On the surface, he was a very successful lawyer who was revered by many and hated by just as many for his gutsy success. On the inside, life was a ‘status symbol.’

Julian Mantle said something very profound to his friend John, he said;

"I’ve realized something very important, John. The world and that includes my inner world, is a very special place. I’ve also come to see that success on the outside means nothing unless you also have success within. There is a huge difference between well-being and being well-off.”

This brings me to what we have in common.

Five years ago I made the same decision. I left a partnership, money, and status and trimmed my cushy lifestyle to drown my soul in spiritual growth.

While Julian went to the Himalayas for over 3 years, I ended up at a local school studying Islam at a cost of $200 per semester. For 3 years I spent 2 hours at the school.

Why did I do that? You ask.

I was fed up with living my life like a long-aired drill. I was fed up of living like a status symbol.

See when your soul is desperate for replenishment, it will scream for help louder than a hurricane train horn. The screams are filled with frustration, misery, and constant exhaustion.

You hate your job, dread going to work and you’re not gaining any satisfaction.

The result for Julian and I was to quit. And I didn’t even have the financial cushion that Julian had.

And if you are experiencing exhaustion, frustration, and misery, and are about to quit, I want to give you options.

But first, here's how I suggest you start by helping yourself;-

  1. Are you perpetuating your own misery and frustration by doing nothing about your current situation?

  2. Practice mindfulness practices that help you determine what thoughts you are focusing on, what feelings you have and just recognizing their presence.

  3. What would happen if you chose yourself, now, and decide to start working on your thoughts and emotions about your work so you can boost your professional abilities

  4. What would happen to your family if you brought back vibrance, energy, and excitement in your life?

  5. What would happen if you had goals that really mattered? Like fun activities, health retreats, and joyful days off with friends or family!!

  6. What would happen if you decided to seek joy, meaning, and fulfillment?

How far would you go?

What are the possibilities?

I am going to offer you to consider the option of taking time out for yourself, to answer those questions for you. That’ll be your first step to change. You’ll find that you may or may not need to pay for help after all.

You got this!


But if you find that you need help working with a professional who can take you from your frustration and misery, and get you to start journeying your work life as you wish it would be, then click here for a free consultation.

Hey there, I am Janet Nambi.

I am a recovering high-achieving workaholic who worked herself to burnout and quit a successful business because I thought that was the only option.

Five years ago I got into a profession that taught me that I did not have to quit. That I could've sought help and worked through my burnout while I planned my next course of action. But because everything happens exactly as it is supposed to, I want to help you reduce the stress and frustration, and learn to enjoy what you do, while making time for family, fun, friends, and your health.

if you haven't already, go here to sign up for my weekly advice on how you can create the life you want. Or if you are ready for help, go to schedule a free consultation with me personally.

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